TVIA Kickoff Workshop

An IRIS II wrap-up / IRIS III kick-off workshop
       at St. John's College, UBC 
          March 18 & 19, 1998

Organizers, Jack Snoeyink  
       and Robert Woodham  
Sponsored by IRIS project IC-5, lead by Dr. Robert Woodham

Preliminary schedule

18 March  PROGRESS in Visual Information Management
10:00am 	welcome 	Jack Snoeyink
10:15--11:45 	presentations 	by IC-5 researchers and graduates, TBA
12:00--1:00	lunch		
 2:00--4:00	presentations & discussions

18 March  DINNER with Industrial Partners
 6:30--8:30	dinner		place to be determined

19 March  TOOLS for Visual Information in GIS and Biomedical Applications
 9:30am		welcome		Robert Woodham
 9:45--11:45	intro. presentattions  by TVIA researchers & grad students
12:00--1:00	lunch		
 2:00--4:00	presentations & discussions

Presentations will be kept short (10-20min), so please prepare your
overheads accordingly.  We want to leave time for discussions of
research directions and open problems.  (Volleyball or a hike down to
the beach are also options, depending on weather and attendee preferences.)

We would like to invite a presentation from you, or from a member of
your research group if you cannot attend.  If you could, please send a
title to Jack Snoeyink 

Through the generosity of IRIS project IC-5, we are able to defray local 
expenses for those who attend.  Please contact Valerie McRae  
if you require any assistance with accomodations.

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