9-1 – Wayfinding and Navigation

Type: Seminar         [notes]

Presenter: Keith Lau

What will be covered:

• Spatial navigation metaphors

• Types of spatial knowledge

• Applications to navigating information structures

Primary Readings:

            Ware, pp 343-365

Benjamin Kuipers, The “Map in the Head” Metaphor.  Environment and Behavior, 14: 202-220.

George W. Furnas, Effective View Navigation.  In Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think.  Card, Mackinlay, and Shneiderman, eds. (1999).  pp. 589-596.



Vlada Aginsky, Catherine L. Harris, Ronald A. Rensink, and Jack M. Beusmans, Two Strategies for Learning a Route in a Driving Simulator. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 17:317-331.  (1997).

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