2-1 – Preattentive Vision I

Type: Seminar         [notes]

Presenter: Ron Rensink

What will be covered:

• Visual search; attentional “pop out”

• Visual “primitives”

• Applications to display design

Primary Readings:

            Ware, chapter 5.  (But not pp. 176-187)

Christopher G Healey, Kellogg S. Booth, and James T. Enns, "High-Speed Visual Estimation Using Preattentive Processing." ACM Transactions on Human Computer Interaction 3, 2, 107-135. (1996). [download pdf file]


Anne Treisman and Steven Gormican, Feature Analysis in Early Vision: Evidence from Search Asymmetries.  Psychological Review, 95 :15-48. (1988).


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