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Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics

Robert Bridson, A K Peters, 2008: link to publisher's site.

From the preface:
This book is designed to give the reader a practical introduction to fluid simulation for graphics. The field of fluid dynamics, even just in animation, is vast and so not every topic will be covered, and many wonderful papers will sadly be passed over in the hope of distilling the essentials; this is far from a thorough survey. The focus of this book is animating fully three-dimensional incompressible flow---from understanding the math and the algorithms to actual implementation. However, there is also a small amount of material on height field simplifications which are important for efficiently modeling large bodies of water.

From the back cover:
"My colleagues and I have an alternate name for Bridson's 'Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics' book; we like to call it 'How to Write a Production Quality Fluid Simulator'. I've been a huge fan of this text since it was SIGGRAPH course notes a couple of years ago. This book has amplified and improved on the work started back then. For a practitioner in this field, it provides everything needed: a good foundation in the theory of finite difference fluid simulation, practical working advice on how to deal with the mathematics of simulation, and clear explanations of advanced techniques (like solid/fluid coupling). All of this and it's very well written and a pleasure to read."
-- Doug Roble, Creative Director of Software, Digital Domain, Scientific and Technical Academy Award 2007

From the back cover:
"This book pulls together the essence of fluid simulation into a single volume, presenting it in a fashion that is both useful to researchers and accessible to implementers. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in fluid simulation for computer graphics."
-- Ron Fedkiw, Stanford University, Scientific and Technical Academy Award 2007

Errata and Extra Comments

Here are a few issues I didn't correct in time; please email me at rbridson@cs.ubc.ca if you find more problems or sources of confusion!

You will probably also find an occasional spelling mistake or error in punctuation: I apologize for them, but will leave them off this list.

Further Developments

This book covers much of the state-of-the-art in graphics, concentrating on grid-based 3D incompressible flow solvers, up to about January 2008. However, there were a few extra developments since then I'd ideally want included in the book:

Please note that, just like the book, this is not an attempt to reference all the great work being done in the area: it's again my personal view of some particularly useful starting points for advanced development in one approach to a practical high quality grid-based fluid solver. In general, it's worth checking out papers at graphics conferences for continuing advances---try the list maintained by Ke-Sen Huang at kesen.huang.googlepages.com.

Course Notes

This book grew out of my part of a set of notes for SIGGRAPH courses held in 2006 and 2007, available at www.cs.ubc.ca/~rbridson/fluidsimulation. The book has well more than double the material I provided and has corrected several small errors in the notes, but if you want a preview of the style of the text or a quick introduction to some of the basics of fluid simulation, you should take a look. The notes also have coverage of a few different algorithms, notably SPH, and on the web site there are are also some slides and a bit of code.

Robert Bridson - August 19, 2008