CS322 Fall 1999
Module 1 (AI and Intelligence)
Assignment 1

Due: 1:30pm, Monday 13 September 1999.

The aim of this assignment is to learn about what AI applications exist, and to think about what intelligence could mean. We will discuss this assignment in Monday's class. Please be prepared to play your part in the discussion. Hopefully, we can have a student-led lecture. You are to hand in this assignment at the end of the lecture.

Question 1

Find out about two applications of AI (not classes of applications, but specific programs). For each application, write at most one typed page that describes it. You should try to cover the following questions: There are some online resources that may be useful, as well as AI conference proceedings and journals. There will be a bonus mark for finding an application that no one else in the class found.

Question 2

For each of the following, give three reasons why (or why not):
  1. A dog is more intelligent than a worm.
  2. A human is more intelligent that a dog.
  3. An organization is more intelligent than an individual human.
Based on these, give a definition of what "more intelligent" may mean. Use your own words. Be brief.

Question 3

For each question in this assignment, say how long you spent on it. (You can get a bonus mark if you answer this completely). Was this reasonable? What did you learn?

Collaboration and Plaigerism

For this assignment, you may collaborate with fellow students in order to ensure that you have different applications. However, you must list all of the people you collaborate with, and you should ensure that you have different applications. You must list all of the references you use. If you use a web page, paper, or book, you must reference it. All of the phrasing must be your own. If you want to copy a phrase or a sentence, put it in quotations and give a reference (including page numbers) where we can find it.