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2 Decision Tree Evaluation

Write a program that evaluates binary decision trees. A binary decision tree is either a value or of the form if(Att=Val,T1,T2), where T1 and T2 are decision trees.

You should assume that all of the data on examples is given using the relation:

You need to write a relation:
that is true if object Obj is classified by decision tree DT as having value Cl.

For example, suppose example e1 defined by

The query
? dteval(e_1,if(b=true,if(a=true,true,false),if(c=true,false,true)),Val).
has as its answer Val=true.

Axiomatize dteval. You can assume the predicate value(V) that is true if V is a legal value, as well as the predicates prop (as above) and \= (where W \=V means W and V are different values).

  • Solution to decision tree evaluation

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