RMTool: Getting Started

The instructions on this page assume that you have downloaded the beta version of RMTool (Version 2.0).

  1. Unpack the RMTool distribution you have downloaded. You should be left with the following directory structure:

         data  - Some example data to try out the tool.
         doc   - Documentation.
          lib    - The RMTool jar file.

  2. Set your CLASSPATH to include: 
    the jar file for the regular expression package
    the jar file for Grappa

  3. Add <path>/graphviz/bin to your path for access to the "dot" layout program.

You should now be able to run RMTool. Try executing:

           java jRMTool.gui.RMTool

The user interface should be displayed.

Last updated: July 14, 2000

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