RepoGrams will help you understand a software project's history. It uses a simple visual metaphor to represent a project's history across multiple metrics of interest. It supports metrics like:

  • who made commits, how often, and how much code did their commits change
  • the number of programming languages used in a project over time
  • how often developers changed code across different modules (directories) in the same commit
  • the use of branches in the repository
  • and many others! You can even add your own metrics

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Harmony is an open source research framework designed to ease the development of tools that mine software repositories. It allows you to gather the information you need in order to perform advanced studies against the history of software projects. This framework is developed by the Software Engineering research group from the LaBRI laboratory

Several research projects have been developed upon Harmony. Some examples of these projects include the following:

  • Extraction of developer expertise
  • Extraction of library migration trend
  • Computation of contextual metric thresholds

If you want to install or learn more about this tool, take a look at the Harmony repository


ArchiMDE is a user-supportive integrated development environment which aims to support the MDE4HPC approach. MDE4HPC is an approach that uses techniques from model-driven engineering in order to improve the development and maintenance of software in the particular context of high-performance scientific computing.