Do not modify this page unless you intend to change selectors name and rework JITS app completly.
This is an example of JITS Standart configuration.
The particular parts of the page are included from <Group>.JITScfg. If <Group>.JITScfg does not exist they are included from JITS.JITScfg page.

in Group filter and selection items

(:input select name="filterG" value="{*$:filterG}"  label="{*$:filterG}":)
(:input select name="filterG" value="{*$Group}" label="{*$Group} (this)":)
(:input select name="filterG" value="*" label="all":)

in JITS filter and selection items

(:input select name="JName" value="{*$:JName}"  label="{*$:JName}":)
(:input select name="JName" value="{*$Name}"  label="{*$Name} (this)":)
(:input select name="JName" value="*"  label="all":)

Type filter and selection items

(:input select name="Type" value="{*$:Type}"  label="{*$:Type}":)
(:input select name="Type" value="*"  label="all":)

In project filter and selection items

(:input select name="Project" value="{*$:Project}"  label="{*$:Project}":)
(:input select name="Project" value="*"  label="all":)

Status filter and selection items
Modify according to your needs

(:input select name="Status" value="{*$:Status}"  label="{*$:Status}":)
(:input select name="Status" value="*"  label="all":)

Priority filter and selection items

(:input select name="Priority" value="{*$:Priority}"  label="{*$:Priority}":)
(:input select name="Priority" value="*"  label="all":)

Order by items

(:input select name="sort" value="{$:sort}"  label="{*$:sort}":)
(:input select name="sort" value="-$:ChngDate "  label="Change date":)
(:input select name="sort" value="$:ChngAuth"  label="Change author":)
(:input select name="sort" value="$:Type"  label="Type":)
(:input select name="sort" value="$:Status"  label="Status":)
(:input select name="sort" value="$:Priority"  label="Priority":)
(:input select name="sort" value="$:Project"  label="Project":)
(:input select name="sort" value="$:JName"  label="JITS name":)
(:input select name="sort" value="-$:ThreadId"  label="-Id":)
(:input select name="sort" value="$:ThreadId"  label="+Id":)
(:input select name="sort" value="$:WrittenBy"  label="Author":)
(:input select name="sort" value="-time"  label="-time":)
(:input select name="sort" value="+time"  label="+time":)

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