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I always try to make the algorithm described in the papers available as source code so that anybody can regenerate and compare the results. But I also try to organize the code into open source projects, which lets the others contribute and build their work on top of the existing code. This has been quite sucessfull approach so far: I got plenty of feedback from the user community (bug fixes, performance improvements, better algorithms); pfstools have been included into several major Linux distributions; and I am amazed by the number of people having fun when playing with the software.

These are the projects that I started and maintain:

pfstools logo

pfstools package is a set of command line programs for reading, writing and manipulating high-dynamic range (HDR) images and video frames. It includes also Qt and OpenGL HDR image viewers. pfstools can be integrated with GNU Octave or matlab, so that it can serve as a toolbox for reading and writing HDR images.

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High dynamic range visual difference predictor (HDR-VDP) is a near-threshold visual metric for comparing both scene-referred (HDR) and output-referred (LDR) images. The outcome of the metric is a probability of detection map, which tells how likely people will notice difference between two images.

These are the projects whose maintenance I took over from my colleague, Grzegorz Krawczyk (full credits go to him), which I try to keep in shape:


PFStmo contains the implementation of state-of-the-art tone mapping operators. The motivation here is to provide an implementation of tone mapping operators suitable for convenient processing of both static images and animations. Note: the page has not been updated for some time

PFScalibration logo

PFScalibration provides an several method for the photometric calibration of cameras and for the recovery of high dynamic range (HDR) images from the set of low dynamic range (LDR) exposures. Note: the page has not been updated for some time

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