Optical flow tracking (CPSC 505 students only)
DUE Friday 5pm April 7 (email to jhchen14@cs.ubc.ca)

Another way to detect shot boundaries is to track corners between successive frames.
  • (3 marks) Tracking corner feature. Track corners by first detecting the corners and then track them both forwards and backwards. The distance between the original point and the tracked point after forward/backward should be below a threshold that you can choose. The OpenCV APIs are indicated in the provided code shot_students_505.py. Plot the number of tracked corners. Is the number of tracked corners useful for determining shot boundaries?
  • (3 marks) Read one of the most recent (2 years) optical flow papers in a major computer vision conference (CVPR, ICCV and ECCV). Write a few paragraphs describing how the method in the paper differs from the techniques described in 425.