CPSC 504: Tentative Schedule of Topics

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some paper suggestions are tentative. I will be updating with suggestions from most recent literature. Keep visiting this page often. There is some flexibility in choosing papers for presentation. Come talk to me. For questions posted on each paper and the ensuing discussion, click here.

Sept. 5 No class. Business Meeting; Course Overview; Overview of Relational Model.
Sept. 12 Overview of Relational Model (contd.).
Overview (contd.); Intro. to Conjunctive Queries.
Sept. 19 Query Optimization: Tutorial (Presenter: Shailendra, DL: Melsa).
First QO Paper (Presenter: Gayathiri, DL: Mahsa).
Two Major Query Optimizers: Starburst (Presenter: Yun, DL: Lan).
Volcano (Presenter: Patrick, DL: Shailendra).
Sept. 26 Transaction Processing. ARIES Part 1 (Presenter: Melsa, DL: Vignesh).
Part 2 (Presenter: Vignesh, DL: Patrick).
No class. Read the paper: Survey of Data Models in DB Research.
Oct. 3 Conjunctive Query Containment: First paper Slides,
Application for Query Answering Using Views Slides.
Ranking in DB: Top-k Queries. Slides.
Oct. 10 Thanksgiving. No class. SQL+Top-k: Slides.
Oct. 17 Data Mining 1: Association Rules (Apriori). (Presenter: Parth, DL: Mahsa). Data Mining 2: Clustering. (BIRCH). (Presenter: Mahsa, DL: Parth).
Oct. 24 DB+IR. (BANKS, DISCOVER.) (Presenter: Gayathiri, DL: Mahsa). Probabilistic DBs: Efficient Query Eval. (Presenter: Lan, DL: Melsa).
Oct. 31 Privacy-preserving Data Publishing: (k-anonymity, l-diversity). (Presenter: Patrick, DL: Parth). Tracking Data Usage: (Hippocratic DBs, Watermarking Data). (Presenter: Vignesh, DL: Shailendra).
Nov. 7 Intro. to Data Cleaning. (Presenter: Yun, DL: Vignesh). Data Warehousing & OLAP. Overview. Slides (TBP).
Nov. 14 XML OLAP. (Presenter: Sahilendra, DL: Patrick). Text OLAP. (Presenter: Parth, DL: Lan).
Nov. 21 Data Exchange. (Presenter: Melsa, DL: Gayathiri). Social Networks. (Presenter: Mahsa, DL: Yun).
Nov. 28 Project Talk. Project Talk.
Dec. 5 Project Talk. Project Talk.