Past Student Talks 

NoPaperPresenterDiscussion LeaderTime.
1Jure Leskovec, Lars Backstrom, Ravi Kumar, and Andrew Tomkins. Microscopic evolution of social networks. In Proceedings of the 14th ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD'08).YanjingAndrew, hung_yao AT <this dept.>Monday, Jan. 17, 3:30-4:10 pm.
2Peixiang Zhao, Jiawei Han, and Yizhou Sun. P-Rank: a comprehensive structural similarity measure over information networks. CIKM 2009.NareshManu, kyadav.manu AT <gmail>Monday, Jan. 17, 4:15-4:55 pm.
3J. Leskovec, A. Krause, C. Guestrin, C. Faloutsos, J. VanBriesen, and N. S. Glance. Cost-effective outbreak detection in networks. In Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, pages 420-429, 2007.AndrewNaresh, knares AT <gmail>Wednesday, Feb. 9, 4:10-4:50 pm.
4S Bao, G Xue, X Wu, Y Yu, B Fei. Optimizing web search using social annotations. WWW 2007.ManuPei, peil AT <this dept>Monday, Feb. 14, 3:30-4:10 pm.
5Wei Chen, Yifei Yuan, and Li Zhang. Scalable influence maximization in social networks under the linear threshold model. In Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM’2010), Sydney, Australia, Dec. 2010.WeiGary, yataopei AT <hotmail>Monday, Feb. 21, 3:30-4:10 pm.
6Takeshi Sakaki, Makoto Okazaki, and Yutaka Matsuo. Earthquake shakes Twitter users: real-time event detection by social sensors. WWW 2010. pp. 851-860.PeiWei, jimlu526 AT <gmail>Monday, Feb. 21, 4:15-4:55 pm.
7Cuiping Li and Jiawei Han and Guoming He and Xin Jin and Yizhou Sun and Yintao Yu and Tianyi Wu. Fast computation of SimRank for static and dynamic information networks. EDBT 2010.GaryYanjing, yanjingcanada AT <gmail>Monday, Feb. 28, 3:30-4:10 pm.
8Y. Koren, Factorization Meets the Neighborhood: A Multifaceted Collaborative Filtering Model. KDD 2008.WeiAndrew, hung_yao AT <this dept.>Monday, March 14, 3:30-4:10 pm.
9Y.F. Hu, Y. Koren, and C. Volinsky, Collaborative Filtering for Implicit Feedback Datasets, Proc. IEEE Intl Conf. Data Mining (ICDM 08), IEEE CS Press, 2008, pp. 263-272.AndrewWei, jimlu526 AT <gmail>Monday, March 14, 4:15-4:55 pm.
10Aditya Parameswaran, Georgia Koutrika, Benjamin Bercovitz, and HectorGarcia-Molina. Recsplorer: Recommendation Algorithms Based on Precedence Mining. SIGMOD 2010.NareshPei, peil AT <this dept>Wednesday, March 16, 3:30-4:10 pm.
11Sihem Amer-Yahia, Senjuti Basu Roy, Ashish Chawla, Gautam Das, Cong Yu: Group Recommendation: Semantics and Efficiency. PVLDB 2(1): 754-765 (2009).PeiNaresh, knares AT <gmail>Wednesday, March 16, 4:15-4:55 pm.
12Shaojie Tang et al. Relationship Classification in Large Scale Online Social Networks and Its Impact on Information Propagation. IEEE INFOCOMM. 2011.ManuManu, kyadav.manu AT <gmail>Wednesday, March 30, 3:30-4:10 pm.
13Y. Zhou et al., Large-Scale Parallel Collaborative Filtering for the Netflix Prize, Proc. 4th Intl Conf. Algorithmic Aspects in Information and Management, LNCS 5034, Springer, 2008, pp. 337-348.GaryYanjing, yanjingcanada AT <gmail>Wednesday, March 30, 4:15-4:55 pm.
14G. Koutrika, B. Bercovitz, H. Garcia-Molina. FlexRecs: Expressing and Combining Flexible Recommendations. SIGMOD 2009.YanjingGary, yataopei AT <hotmail>Wednesday, March 30, 4:55-5:35 pm.