Mike input processing

Author: Kees van den Doel

If you now connect a mike to your audiocard this applet will produce a 1 second delay effect. You must have a soundcard capable of simultaneous input and output and an OS that supports this. It works fine on my SoundBlaster Live under Windows 98, but not under Linux. At least not with the Sun JavaSound implementation because they turned off support for full-duplex. It will presumably work fine with the Tritonus JavaSound implementation.

Source code:

import jass.render.*;
import jass.engine.*;
import jass.generators.*;

public class MikeApplet extends java.applet.Applet {
    public void start() {
        int bufferSize = 64; // this doesn't do much here
        float srate = 44100;
        int bufferSizeJavaSound = (int)srate; // 1 sec delay
        SourcePlayer sp = new SourcePlayer(bufferSize,bufferSizeJavaSound,srate);
        AudioIn af = new AudioIn(srate,bufferSize,0);
        try {
        } catch(SinkIsFullException e) {