Class BangForce

  extended by jass.engine.Out
      extended by jass.generators.LoopBuffer
          extended by jass.generators.OneShotBuffer
              extended by jass.contact.BangForce
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BangForce
extends OneShotBuffer

A force model based on 1 period of some waveform (cos for example)

Kees van den Doel (kvdoel@cs.ubc.ca)

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
BangForce(float srate, int bufferSize, float[] loopBuffer)
          Construct loop force and provide buffer.
BangForce(float srate, int bufferSize, java.lang.String fn)
          Construct impact force from named file.
Method Summary
 void bang(float force, float dur)
          Generate impact force.
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Constructor Detail


public BangForce(float srate,
                 int bufferSize,
                 java.lang.String fn)
Construct impact force from named file. (For example cos20ms.wav.)

srate - sampling rate in Hertz.
bufferSize - bufferSize of this Out.
fn - Audio file name. (For example cos20ms.wav.)


public BangForce(float srate,
                 int bufferSize,
                 float[] loopBuffer)
Construct loop force and provide buffer.

srate - sampling rate in Hertz.
bufferSize - bufferSize of this Out.
loopBuffer - looping buffer.
Method Detail


public void bang(float force,
                 float dur)
Generate impact force.

force - magnitude.
dur - duration in seconds of impact.