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Welcome to SIGCSE 2005! We had a great workshop this year, introducing new KLAs, bringing back all of the fun activities that we conducted last year, and adding a whole new section on KLA evaluation. We hope all of the participants had lots of fun and learned some valuable techniques towards building KLAs.

1.Hash Functions
2.Data Structures: Is there a cycle in the linked list?
3.Merge Sort
4.Quadratic Growth

Other possible KLA ideas:
Compare and contrast tail recursion and embedded recursion.
Distinguish I/O from parameters and return.
Be able to use I-O functions.
Distinguish procedures and functions.
Know how to match formal and actual types.
Distinguishing PBVal and PBRef.
Predict scope and lifetime of variables.
Predict which of a set of functions will be called.
Make sense of a nested call.
Undo function computation.

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