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Kinethestic Learning Activities Collection
Here is a list of KLAs that were developed during SIGCSE 2004 for your perusal and unrestricted use.

List Of Activities

1.Computer Architecture Multilevel Cache
2.Binary Counting
3.Computer Science Unplugged
4.Ideas About Algorithms
5.Basic Computer Organization
6.Graphics Ray Tracing
7.Graphics Transformations
8.DB and Referential Integrity
9.Linked Lists Create Modify and Delete
10.Parameter Passing Value and Reference
11.Networks and Sockets
12.Swap for Sorts
13.Binary Search Trees Inorder Traversals
14.Binary Search Tree: Recursive Insert
15.Build a Heap: How to turn a binary tree into a min heap
16.Event Driven Paradigm: Learn distinction between GUI components, event handlers, and events.
17.Extreme Construction: Learn the XP planning game
18.Queen of the Castle: Understanding gradients and search techniques
19.Towers Of Hanoi: Understand and appreciate the necessity and beauty of recursion.

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