Parameter Passing Value and Reference
Parameter Passing: Value-Reference

Designed by Henderson, Gordon, Jacobson, Cahle, Parker.

This KLA is transcribed from the SIGCSE 2004 Special Session on KLAs.

Overview To KLA

Summary: To be added

Learning Goals: At the end of this exercise, students will understand...

Concept of value and reference parameter passing.

Course And Level: CS1

Class Size: around 37

Preparation Time: 5 min

Execution Time: 10 min

Planning For KLA


Preparation: To be added.

As always, read this description carefully and practice the KLA before using it in class!

Execution Of KLA

Description: See below.

Variants And Extra Topics: To be added.

Constraints On KLA

Would your KLA work if your students had the following constraints:
Limited Vision: Not if many were constrained.
Limited Hearing: Not if many were constrained.
Limited Mobility: Not if many were constrained.
Trouble Speaking: Not if many were constrained.
Touch Aversion: Not if many were constrained.

Pitfalls Of KLA

Even number of students.
Must modify to speak numbers for visually impaired students.

Feedback And Use Notes

Expand to: Data can have multiple strings attached(no strings garbage collect)
Needs directional strings?
What happens when the callee assigns a new address to the parameter? parameter = new object
Also works with a diskette- file write switch to show constant reference. Or use paper in plastic coating.

Use Notes: add your use notes here!

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