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SIGCSE 2006 Workshop Initial Notes

Todo list:

Plan opening KLA: should be highly interactive, full "class" participation
Perhaps Hash Functions?
Plan sample KLA (near beginning)
Flow Chart Hopscotch?
Human Mystery Interface?
A linked list example or a sorting example
Steve: write up Spotty Dotty the Continuation Dalmatian
Add a tape recorder or paper to record the continuation at some point and stress the idea of resuming the continuation later
Something about hats that Andy understands
People hold on to objects?
Becky: Advertise to SIGCSE audience (SIGCSE mailing list?) done
Collect props
Andy: posters, handouts, etc. (draft)

Todo list, part 2:

Steve: collect available prop list done, finish polishing Spotty Dotty, check for 11 x 17 printing maybe (probably by printing letter and photocopying up, perhaps from a lab computer direct to the photocopier), tape out and capture Becky's flowchart, check & update flowchart hopscotch done
Andy: collect available prop list, update evaluations, find silly poem, fix QWiki wiki, fix slides, check & update spotty dotty
Becky: collect available prop list done, make flowchart and check it twice done, check & update spotty dotty, send hotel mail done

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