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Matching Types
Matching Types

Designed by Fran, Kathy, Caryn, Betty, Les, and Jennifer.

This KLA is transcribed from the ISTE CS&IT Symposium at SIGCSE 2005.

Overview To KLA

Summary: To be added

Learning Goals: At the end of this exercise, students will understand...
matching types

Course And Level: To be added

Class Size: To be added

Preparation Time: To be added

Execution Time: To be added

Planning For KLA

A variety of objects both similar and dislike.

Preparation: To be added.

As always, read this description carefully and practice the KLA before using it in class!

Execution Of KLA

1.Teacher holds one object. Students select object from items available and walk to teacher.
2.If object matches teacher type (similar) accept - match - yes. Else, not accepted - no.
3.Students conjecture the reason for a match or non match.
4.Repeat with multiple parameters and types.

Variants And Extra Topics:
Multiple parameters.
Type and Order

Constraints On KLA

Would your KLA work if your students had the following constraints:
Limited Vision:
Limited Hearing:
Limited Mobility:
Trouble Speaking:
Touch Aversion:

Pitfalls Of KLA

Only one item per student.

Feedback And Use Notes

Feedback: To be added

Use Notes: add your use notes here!

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