Linked Lists Create Modify and Delete
Linked Lists: Create, Modify, And Delete

Designed by Becky, Ron, Barbara, and David.

This KLA is transcribed from the SIGCSE 2004 Special Session on KLAs.

Overview To KLA

Summary: To be added

Learning Goals: At the end of this exercise, students will understand...

Understand how to manipulate linked lists.

Course And Level: Data structures, sophomore, 2nd year.

Class Size: any

Preparation Time: 1-2 hours

Execution Time: varies

Planning For KLA

11 x 17 paper (about 20 sheets)
(mini chalk boards are also great :)
party hats for reference nodes

Pre-plan execution orders.
Pre-plan data points.

As always, read this description carefully and practice the KLA before using it in class!

Execution Of KLA

Pick a volunteer to be the "head" and the "tail". Some how signify them (hat, different color paper).
Pick volunteers to be variables.
Insert, update, delete, sort, double pointers, etc: manipulate list - choose volunteers.
Ask for input on what to do next.
When the list is empty, the exercise is done.
Loose nodes, dangling references, and other problems need to be addressed as they start to "get" the exercise.

Variants And Extra Topics: To be added.

Constraints On KLA

Would your KLA work if your students had the following constraints:
Limited Vision: Not if any were constrained.
Limited Hearing: Not if any were constrained.
Limited Mobility: Not if many were constrained. (could be worked around)
Trouble Speaking: Not if any were constrained.
Touch Aversion: Not if many were constrained. (but could be overcome)

Pitfalls Of KLA

Pre-planning and really good understanding of algorithm is important.

Feedback And Use Notes

Why/how are operations variables?
How are links specified.
Can use hands to touch next neighbor as links.
Can address issue of can't get to node except by the link by not letting any nodes but the head and tail have names. Don't really need to know.

Use Notes: add your use notes here!

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