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DB and Referential Integrity
DB/Referential Integrity

Designed by Alvaro Monge, Norma Hall, Rich Pattis.

This KLA is transcribed from the SIGCSE 2004 Special Session on KLAs.

Overview To KLA

Summary: To be added

Learning Goals: At the end of this exercise, students will understand...
simple database integrity rules.

Course And Level: sophomore

Class Size: around 30

Preparation Time: 5 min

Execution Time: 15 min

Planning For KLA

Multicolored post-its to make name tags for courses and students.

Preparation: To be added.

As always, read this description carefully and practice the KLA before using it in class!

Execution Of KLA

Student ID can be different colors, giving the post-it to the registrar allows the registrar to put that ID on a course.

Post-it represents student ID - (ID put on "course")
Faculty has registrar add purple post-it to it.
Course- no reference to student.

Variants And Extra Topics:
To be added.

Constraints On KLA

Would your KLA work if your students had the following constraints:
Limited Vision: Not if a few were constrained.
Limited Hearing:
Limited Mobility:
Trouble Speaking:
Touch Aversion: Not if a few were constrained.

Pitfalls Of KLA

Feedback And Use Notes

Feedback: Can allow multiples of each color to show 1:M relationship.

Use Notes: add your use notes here!

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