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Build a Heap

Build A Heap

This KLA is transcribed from the SIGCSE 2004 Special Session on KLAs.

Overview To KLA

Author: Suzanne B., David L., Arnie D., Carol B., Michael G., and Alicia K.

Summary: How to turn a binary tree into a min heap

Learning Goals: to be added

Course And Level: The KLA is appropriate for first semester sophomore level classes

Class Size: The class must have more than 10 students

Preparation Time: Very little prep time is needed

Execution Time: The exercise will take about 10 minutes

Planning For KLA

Materials: Large visible keys, 8X11 sheets, string

Preparation: The instructor must write numbers on the sheets and hook string on them so they can hang on a student.

Execution Of KLA

Description: Each student attaches a key to their back. Have students make a binary tree by putting a hand on each shoulder of a child. Adjust from bottom up.

Variants And Extra Topics: below

Constraints On KLA

These students could observe.

Would your KLA work if your students had the following constraints:
Limited Vision: (including color-blindness)
Limited Hearing:
Limited Mobility:
Trouble Speaking:
Touch Aversion: (including cultural)

Pitfalls Of KLA

Rooms with fixed seating need at least 10 students

Feedback And Use Notes

Feedback: add your feedback here!

From the SIGCSE 2004 KLA Special Session
"Could use hats instead of touching (see BST)."
"Can't see front and back at the same time. Good or bad?"
"Could arrange linearly (as an array) with string to show the tree relationship in the array."

Use Notes: add your use notes here!

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