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Kinesthetic Learning Activities

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Brought to you by a host of Kinesthetic Learning Activity groupies, including Afsaneh Amiri, Laura Aslan, Rebecca Bates, Andrew Begel, Daniel D. Garcia, Steven A. Wolfman, and.. YOU! :^)

A kinesthetic learning activity (KLA) is a physically engaging classroom exercise. This might, for example, teach recursion by simulating the Towers of Hanoi with students instead of disks, or highlight the difference between pipelined and non-pipelined execution using a human assembly line.

This website is a resource of KLAs for the Computer Science Education community.

KLA Collection

Pre-built KLAs donated by others.

Resources For Building KLAs

Design pattern for KLAs.
A selection of Props for use in KLAs
KLA Building Blocks: common idioms or exercise fragments usable across many KLAs
KLA Heuristics: rules of thumb to help you analyze, evaluate, and improve KLAs

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KLA Workshops

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