Sung-Hee Kim
shkim-photo Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Computer Science Department University of British Columbia Office: ICICS/CS X669


kim731 [at]

visualization on data-driven decision making

Individuals make decisions everyday based on various types of data that became easily accessible. This activity is known to be cognitively demanding and due to this fact, consumers are known to make sup-optimal decisions. We apply visualization to help consumers understand the options better and also process the information more easily to make better decisions. Currently I am working on decision-making problems to enhance patient care.

visualization literacy

Visualization is getting commonly used for the general public. Although we see simple to advanced technologies posted on the web such as news articles, we do not have a good understanding on how the general public understands these interactive visualizations. Our goal is to better understand what visualization literacy is, develop a way to measure it, and also come up with ways to educate visualizations. Recently, I have organized a workshop 'Towards An Open Visualization Literacy Testing Platform' at the IEEE VIS Conference.

evaluation methodology

Conducting evaluation on visualizations is not an easy problem. We try to develop methodological improvements on conducting these studies. We have investigated how to improve process-tracing methods and how to ensure data quality on crowdsroucing platforms.

poet (online education)

POET (Purdue Optimization modeling Education Tool) is a web-based interactive education tool to help students formulate optimization models. The tool provides a visual interface with feedback for self-assessment while building mathematical models. Evaluation studies were conducted through think-aloud protocol, interviews, and also tested in real classroom settings.