Jennifer Tillett
I am currently a Computer Science Masters' student at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. I completed my undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and History at the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA and Reed College, Portland, OR. Before coming to UBC I was a Watson Fellow for one year, and before that I worked as a software engineer at Coolearth Technologies, Seattle, WA.


jtillett (at) cs (dot) ubc (dot) ca


Dept. of Computer Science
University of British Columbia
201-2366 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4


I'm a member of the LCI lab, working with Kevin Leyton-Brown. My research interests include

  • Behavioral Game Theory
  • Bounded Rationality
  • Preference Representation
  • Alternative Utility Functions
  • Opponent Modeling

I also help organize the Game Theory - Decision Theory Reading Group.

If there were twice as many hours in the week, I would also research one of these:

  • User Modeling & Adaptive User Interfaces
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Animation
  • History of Voting Strategies in World Legislative Bodies
  • Cultural Landscapes


I am a member of several organizing committees for the Computer Science Grad Student Society (CSGSA), including Orientation and Coffeehouse, and a member of the Focus on Women in Computer Science (FoWCS) Committee, for which I am organizing ChicTech, a program to mentor teams of high school girls in creating websites for non-profit organizations.

In my spare time, I play Ultimate Frisbee -- the past 2 years I've played with Big Slick, Second Breakfast and the Superfriends @ UBC, and I do gymnastics at the UBC School of Human Kinetics. In the rest of my spare time, I live on Kits Beach with 6 awesome people, one fat cat and one mellow dog.