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C - The (Bayesian) Hound and the Hare Issues with problem C?

1. The last sentence of the third paragraph should be:
"That is, the hound first considers whether to go West; then, if the
expected distance if it goes South is better or within 1e-5, the hound
considers going South; then East; then North; then staying still."

2. N*exp(((x-x')^2 + (y-y')^2)/(2 * sigma^2)) should be
N*exp(-((x-x')^2 + (y-y')^2)/(2 * sigma^2)) (there's a missing minus sign).
A - Edit Distance Issues with problem A?

1. Copy is 'c', not 'd'.

2. When we discuss deleting, modifying, or copying, the character
that must be consumed is the leftmost character in the string.
E - Mine Sweeper Issues with problem E?

1. Output a dot ('.') in any cell where it is impossible to
deduce whether there is a mine.

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