Prospective Students

This page contains a few remarks and guidelines for students who would like to conduct research with me.

Research Interests

My current current interests are imaging, computational photography, low level computer vision, 3D scanning, and some aspects of perception. Have a look at my recent research to get an idea of the topics.

Note: although I have worked in rendering in the past, it has bee a while since I have conducted research in this area. I am therefore not likely to work with students whose primary interest lies in this topic, unless they are truly exceptional.

Graduate Students

Admission into the UBC graduate programs (M.Sc and Ph.D) is is decided by the Department of Computer Science. Although I will be consulted about candidates in my area, I can not directly accept you myself. The only way to get admitted into one of our graduate programs is by sending your formal application to the department through the appropriate channels, which are detailed here:

Instructions for applicants.

Decisions will be made once your full application is on file. Only afterwards can I and will I make promises about admission to my research group.

That said, if you are preparing an application to the department and are interested in working with me, I do encourage you to send me a short email with your attached research statement and CV. This is in addition to the official application. In your official research statement, you should also indicate that you are interested in working with me, and select "graphics-imaging" as one of your research interests on our grad application form. These steps ensure that I will see your application and can provide feedback to the graduate admissions committee.

Undergraduate Research

There are several ways to get involved in research as an undergraduate student: