Real-Time Pen-And-Ink Illustration In Image Space

Adrian Secord, Wolfgang Heidrich, Lisa Streit


In this paper we present a high-quality image-space approach to pen-and-ink illustration that works at interactive framerates while allowing for a large variety of different drawing styles. Our algorithm features frame-to-frame coherence, that is, individual strokes move continuously from frame to frame with continuous changes of the input image. We show that our approach is able to both reproduce the tone of an input image, and (depending on the drawing style) to preserve high-frequency detail in the input image. Finally, while our basic algorithm only requires an image as input, we can make use additional of 3D information where available to provide a larger variety of drawing styles.

This work has been published at the Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, 2002 (and our tiger is one of the cover images for the proceedings).

Additional Material

Here we provide some additional images to illustrate the quality of our method. The PostScript files contain images at 300 DPI resolution (these print twice as large as the versions in the paper).

Bethoven Bust (3D Model)

PNG image (1200x1534), PS file (300 DPI)

Tiger (3D Model)

PNG image (1800x1800), PS file (300 DPI)

Bee (3D Model)

Hatched: PNG image (1800x1800), PS file (300 DPI)
Cross Hatched: PNG image (1800x1800), PS file (300 DPI)

Foot Bones (3D Model)

PNG image (1800x1800), PS file (300 DPI)

Lena (Image)

PNG Image (1800x1800), PS file (300 DPI)

Flower (Image)

PNG Image (1800x1800), PS file (300 DPI)