Motorcycle Touring

(by Wolfgang Heidrich)

This page contains trip logs and images of some of my larger tours. I am working on adding more of the slightly shorter tours; it is a bit of a work in progress. (Muncho Lake, Northern BC, June 15, 2008)
Cross-Canada and US, 2012

Vancouver-St. Johns for a second time. At 17,000 km, this was my longest trip yet, and included the Tans-Labrador gravel highway. Return trip on the US side, visiting Badland National Park.

2011 Tour to the Arctic Circle

To the Arctic Circle and beyond into the North-West Territories on the all-gravel Dempster Highway. A short side-tour to Alaska over the Top-of-the-World Highway.

US National Parks, 2010

A "business trip" to Los Angeles for the Siggraph conference, with some slight detours to see various US National Parks. (Photos and details coming soon)

Cross-Canada Tour 2009

Vancouver-St. Johns, mostly on the Canadian side of the border but with a detour to Boston to visit MIT and Harvard. I took the northernmost route going East, and tried to follow the border as much as possible on the way West. (Photos and details coming soon)

Alaska and the Yukon, 2008

My first big trip, to Alaska for a conference. Following the Alaska Highway going North, then coming back South on the Cessair Highway. (Photos and details coming soon)