PowerPoint for Instructors, Researchers and Other Trouble Makers

Welcome to Jason Harrison's pages about PowerPoint and tips for working more effectively with PowerPoint. The audience for these pages is Instructors, Researchers and Other Trouble Makers who are constantly pushing the presentation envelope (especially PowerPoint's rather small envelope) while trying to spend as little time or money as possible. You can find handouts and files to accompany my courses here as well as pointers to other information.

Introduction and Intermediate PowerPoint (97 & 2000)

Students in my UBC TAG courses can find handouts and files to accompany my courses below.

The UBC PowerPoint Users Group

The next meeting of the UBC PowerPoint Users Group is:
PowerPoint Users Group, May 28, 2002, 9:00am-Noon in the TAG Seminar room.
I'm still looking for volunteers to present their PPT problems in return for solutions and suggestions from myself and the whole group.

Where to Start When You Realize You Need Help

I recommend that users of PPT own at least one good book on PPT. After reviewing many books I decided to recommend:

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, Patrice-Anne Rutledge and Tom Mucciolo, Que. ISBN 0-7897-1904-5. Available through UBC Bookstore or Chapters. $59.95.
is a very good book. A new edition of this book is available for PPTXP (PPT2002) but the differences between the two versions are fairly small.

Why this book? Good, price for the content and weight. Full copy of book plus extras on CDROM. The first "half" of the book is PPT specific how-to, while the second "half" is presentation how-to. If either your presentation or PPT skills are weak then this book will help you.

Que has a website for Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 and Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (expected June 22, 2001).

PowerPoint websites

If you've tried PPT help, and can't find the solution to your problem within, try:

my list of Presentation and PowerPoint web sites
Then try the PowerPoint Association Search -- a search engine for all of the PowerPoint pages maintained and written by the experts.

Then, try the PPT Newsgroups: microsoft.public.powerpoint and microsoft.public.powerpoint.mac. (Use the hierarchical listing on the left of the newsgroup page to "Desktop Applications/Office/PowerPoint".) The newsgroups tend to have the same questions asked (and answered) over and over again, so try searching for appropriate topics that might address your issue before you post your question.

Finally, send me an email. (email address at the bottom of this page)

Workarounds and Failures of PowerPoint

Here are some pages and presentations that demonstrate how to do things in PowerPoint that it doesn't easily let you do (or does poorly), and demonstrations that PowerPoint just isn't the right tool for all presentors.

Other stuff

Planning a Scientific Presentation? I wrote a short (eight pages) document that discusses what a scientific presentation should include, the five major presentation purposes, the presentation basics model, the presentation planning tool, tips for planning your presentation, using PowerPoint for presentations, and includes "How to give a bad talk" by David Patterson. This document was originally written for a Computer Science Graduate Seminar at UBC.

Planning a Scientific Presentation (PDF, 115KB)

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