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PSYC202-005: Perception and Cognition

This course will provide an introduction to the study of cognitive systems. This will include both what is known about the nature of such systems (regardless of whether they are human or animal), as well as the various ways in which these systems can be studied. The lectures will begin with perceptual abilities and proceed to higher-level cognitive functions. In tandem with this, the tutorials will discuss related issues based on the study of neurological patients.

Course Information

Syllabus: contact information, course content, schedule of lectures, etc. HTML PDF
Assignments: weekly assignments to be handed at the beginning of the tutorial. HTML PDF
Tutorials: Question of the Week. HTML PDF

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are listed in chronological order along with links to additional websites that you may find helpful.


Sample midterm is available: HTML or PDF.

Midterm Grades (PDF)
Midterm Answers (PDF)

The grading of each question was performed by:

Final Examination

Sample final exam questions: sample-final.pdf, sample-final.html

Course Grades

Here are the provisional course grades. They are provisional because only the registrar can tell you what your grade is -- of course I told them what to tell you. The assignment grades posted before the midterm did not reflect scaling to normalize the tutorial sections nor did they include normalization to a class mean of 65 -- this did bring the assignment mean down by 5 points which is more than offset by the upward adjustment of the midterm by 24 points and the final by 10 points. Midterm grades shifted a bit due to corrections to the grading so you may not see the exact same percentage as you saw before. To summarize, the course grade you would compute by adding your assignment grades, your midterm score, and your final examination score and then dividing by three does not take into account the adjustments performed to make the tutorial sections equal, the midterm "easier" or the final "easier". On average your final grade is 17 points higher than it would be in that case. The minimum increase is 10 points, the maximum increase is 29 points, and the median increase is 17 points. So consider those 10 to 29 points carefully before you begin your "one point whine." Provisional Course Grades (Includes assignment grades, midterm grades, final grades, extra credit grades).
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