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public class LinkedQueue extends Object { private intNode start; private intNode end; private int length; //number of elements //Constructor LinkedQueue() { start = null; end = null; length = 0; } //Add an item to the end of the queue public void enqueue(int num) { length++; //increment the number of objects //Create new node with given info intNode temp = new intNode(num); //If this is the first time, then do this if (start == null) { start = temp; //make start = to this end = start; //start and end point to the same node } else { //make the new node's next pointer //point to the end = temp; //make start point to the new object end = temp; } temp = null; } //Dequeue -- returns the integer in the intNode //From the front of the queue //Assumes that the queue is not empty public int dequeue() { length--; int temp = start.value; intNode tempNode; tempNode = start; start =; //let start point to the next node tempNode = null; //clear the first object return temp; } //returns true if its empty public boolean isEmpty() { return (length == 0); } }

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