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Contact information: 604-681-0062 (home), 604-667-5755 (pager), 604-822-5485 (fax)

I'm a member of the Imager research lab as a Post Doctorate Fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. You can find me in the lab (FSC2333), or in the grad offices in the Forest Sciences Centre (usually 2625). I'm working with Ron Rensink, Karon Maclean, and Michiel van de Panne on dynamic icons, plausible/cartoon animation physics, psychophysical experiments for evaluating computer animation, and transparent interfaces.

In the spring 2002 semester I taught PSYC202-005 Perception and Cognition for the Department of Psychology.

In May 2002 I'll be teaching my wildly popular Introduction to PowerPoint, and my new Intermediate PowerPoint workshops, and hosting the PowerPoint User's Group through the Centre for Faculty Development and Instructional Services. If you've ever struggled with PowerPoint see my pages on PowerPoint for Instructors, Researchers and Other Trouble Makers.

I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis on December 13, 2001: Measuring and Comparing Human Walking Motions for Computer Animation. My doctoral thesis advisors were Kellogg Booth and Jim Little. Also on my committee are Brian Fisher and Romeo Chua. University examiners were David Poole and Lawrence Ward. External examiner was Tom Calvert. Chair was Tim Inglis.

My Master's thesis supervisor was Dave Forsey. I completed my masters thesis in April of 1994: A Kinematic Model for Collision Response.

My interests include computer animation, free-form surface modeling, human-computer interaction, regular periods of sleep, cycling advocacy, running, gourmet cooking, and full contact sarcasm. I'm used to be a member of the UBC Dance Club at the pre-Silver Level and was a member of the Latin Formation Team. I also like to dance Latin socially and I used to teach dances Thursday nights at the GSS's Latin Beat.

I maintain an ftp archive of quotes and the Cyberpunk Reading list. I've played with Java a bit too, here's my expanded version of the original sorting demo.

I was a Student Volunteer Team Leader at Siggraph 95 in LA and in 96 in New Orleans. In '97-'99 I was a Registration Manager. I was at CHI'96 as a Student Volunteer.

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