1.  Course Essentials

Instructors: Uri Ascher and Chen Greif
Office: ICCS 223 (Uri) or ICCS 219 (Chen) (they are close to each other!)
Email: ascher@cs.ubc.ca (Uri) and greif@cs.ubc.ca (Chen)
Office hour: Tuesday and Thursday 11-11:30, or by appointment. (Office hours will take place at the office of the instructor who gave the preceding lecture.)
Teaching Assistant: We may have a TA for this course - TBD.

Here is brief overview of essential information for the course.

2.  Course Material

Assignments, slides, lecture notes, etc. will be available here at a later time.

4.  Homework, grades

Homework. There will be approximately two assignments and a project. The assignments will involve programming tasks in Matlab or a similar language of your choice. Most of the weight will be given to the project. The grading scheme will be stated at a later time.

5.  Textbook

Textbook: Uri Ascher and Chen Greif, A First Course in Numerical Methods, published by SIAM, 2011. Check out also the Matlab programs, and errata.

Recommended reference book: Michael T. Heath, Scientific Computing, an Introductory Survey, published by McGraw Hill, Second Edition (2002).