Chris Liaw

About Me

I am a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science at UBC. My advisor is Nick Harvey. I am broadly interested in randomized algorithms, machine learning theory, and mechanism design.



  1. The value of information concealment (with Hu Fu, Pinyan Lu, and Zhihao Tang)
    in SODA 2018 [ arXiv ]

  2. Nearly-tight VC-dimension bounds for piecewise linear neural networks (with Nick Harvey and Abbas Mehrabian)
    in COLT 2017 [ arXiv ]

  3. Tight load balancing via randomized local search (with Petra Berenbrink, Peter Kling, and Abbas Mehrabian)
    in IPDPS 2017 [ arXiv ]

  4. A simple tool for bounding the deviation of random matrices on geometric sets (with Abbas Mehrabian, Yaniv Plan, and Roman Vershynin)
    in Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis [ arXiv ]

  5. Rainbow Hamilton cycles and lopsidependency (with Nick Harvey)
    in Discrete Mathematics [ pdf ]