I looked into buying an inexpensive dvd player that had more than the standard set of features and this item seemed to be the best in that category . I just hooked it up and everything seemed to be going fine . There are a couple of quirks that were a bit annoying like having to actually press the power button before the tray will open ( my prev. machine did it automatically ) , and the fact that the external display is too small and too faded to read from any significant distance . Still , i was willing to overlook those things as this unit looks sleek and has a myriad of features ! So i pop-in my first dvd and start to watch . I get to chapter 34 and everything freezes ! Ok , that happens , so i try to skip the chapter . Nothing ! I try navigating to a chapter past 34 via the menu and it would n't do it ! I try navigating using the player 's built in menu , and it still would n't work ! My next thought was that the dvd must be damaged . Upon inspection i did find a small scratch on the surface and figured that to be the cause . I decided to check one more thing though and plugged in my 3-year - old unit again just to see . The dvd played without flaw through the chapter in question . I then played it through my ps2 and there was no problem there either . Guess where this unit is headed ? Yup , right back for a refund !