I purchased the apex 2600 after reading good reviews of it , both here and in other places . After less than 24 hours it turned out to be a huge disappointment , for myself and for my parents , for whom it was a gift . It played only one out of three dvd 's without problems , the other two being afflicted by a number of glitches . Both of the problem dvd 's would repeatedly freeze during playback , while the counter on the player kept going . One also exhibited extremely slow speed when going to the menu . These problems were consistent , and also not present on another dvd player . The dvd door would scratch the top of the disc every time it closed . There were a few attractive features , such as the small size and the layout of the remote . All in all , trying to save some money on this player resulted in me shelling a great deal more when i purchased a much nicer dvd vcr combo player to make up for blazing crappiness of this very embarassing gift .