I purchased the ad 2600 from another company last month and was very satisfied with my purchase , until last night . I was watching pirates of the caribbean and decided to watch the extras disc . The player kept displaying " no disc " , so i tried the disc in another machine and sure as @ # * ! It worked . I even went as far as calling the technical support number on the disc . The person i talked to suggested i take the dvd player back and swap it out with another . The other company is currently " out of stock " so i ordered another from amazon and will be taking the original back to the competitor today . Hopefully the replacement from amazon will work just fine . If not i will avoid apex products in the future . Besides the one problem , this machine is amazing ! It plays everything , even vcd 's . If only it played stand alone avi files . If no problems occur with replacement unit i will keep the 4 star rating . If problem occurs again i will repost my new rating .