What can i say , i bought the ad600 2 years ago and it was probly the best dvd player ever , quality design , stable , plus it uses a standard ide interface so you can use an old dvd drive from your computer if the player dies . In the last month i bought the apex ad-1600 and the ad-1220 . And have returned both . The ad-1600 did n't work corectly from the start and the ad-1220 lasted about a week and a half before it started to act up . My recommendation is to wait on buying one from this company as they will surely get sent a message of many returned dvd players after christmas 2003 . I hoping they will then begin building quality dvd players again , as i do like them . It really does n't make any cents $ $ to build a great reputation then destroy it from lack a research and testing in one season . Amazon is awaesome ! They refunded my $ $ $ so fast and paid for the shipping back . What more could you ask for .