I got one of these to serve as a second dvd player in my house . It 's a compact , attractive machine and was easy to set up . Basic usage is easy , but the remote has a lot of buttons that i have n't used . So far , we 've only used this player a few times to watch movies and it has worked fine . The picture is clear , bright and sharp and the sound is good . Again , though , it has only been used sparingly . The catch is that , while it plays movies just fine , it has refused to read second discs with the movie " extras " on them on the two occaisions when i tried to do that . It 's not a big deal for me . I simply watched the extra features on another player . Had this been my only dvd player , though , it would have been a real problem . As it is , i 'm keeping the machine . It works well enough ( so far ) for me to be satisfied with it , and it 's possible that i 'm missing something . But i would expect that , since my movie discs have all played with no problem , the extras discs would , too , without any additional tweaking . I 'm giving this player cautious recommendation . There are a lot of things i like about it . Be advised , however , that you may encounter problems .