I had apex regular ( non-progressive ) dvd-player for two years . Had no problem with it . Now , i thought it 's time to upgrade . So , i bought apex ad-2600 in november ' 03 from amazon . It 's running great for all the dvds i have and rented . I have a dvd burner . Apex ad-2600 runs all the dvd media including dvd + r/rw and dvd-r / rw ( unlike sony or panasonic - one supports only + r/rw and another supports - r/rw ) . I think , apex is the best dvd player you can get for the price . Some of my friends had well branded dvd-players but they keep complaining that sometime it stucks and sucks ! Most of them are already switched to apex and they are happy . If you are skeptical about trying apex . Take my words and give it a try . Hopefully you wo n't regret . Goodluck !