I wish i could give negative stars ! I bought this dvd player in november . I have an apex ad600 for a few years now which still works great today . I figured with a great first product and with this one having more features than the 600 i would buy one . What a mistake ! After about an hour it starts skipping like the dvd 's are dirty . I 've tried several dvd 's and even new ones do the same thing . I have ice age and it keeps telling me no disc . I 've tried someone elses and the same thing happens . I tried e-mailing apex and they come back saying undeliverable . I 've tried leaving questions on their site never to have them answered . I just want to at least try an exchange but you can 't get through to their number , it 's always busy . That makes sense though , with all the substandard products they make . Do not buy this product or any apex product unless you are looking to be frustrated and lose money !