I accually did n't buy the apex ad-2600 from amazon but , the reviews i found here helped me purchase it . I have owned an apex ad-3201 for close to 3 years now and i love that deck . Because of it 's hidden features ( no macrovision , non-regional ) i keep this baby around to watch non-american region dvd 's . However , the ad-2600 does n't have this feature ( for now ) . The cool thing about the ad-2600 it plays alot of different file like mp3 , wma cds , jpeg and kodak picture cds , dvd 's , dvd - / + r 's . It 's not a listed feature but , the one thing that sold the unit is that it plays mpeg video . I find this to be a great feature . I 've tried playing all of these discs and they all play great . For the money apex machines have good features . You can 't find the mpeg playback on high priced units . It 's low profile , space saving design looks nice . I find the apex ad-2600 to be a great buy .