Repost from january 13 , 2004 with a better fit title . Does your apex dvd player only play dvd audio without video ? Or does it play audio and video but scrolling in black and white ? Before you try to return the player or waste hours calling apex tech support , or run the player over with your car , try these simple troubleshooting ideas first . No picture : Hopefully you still have the remote control . If you tossed it out the window , you need to fetch it . Using the remote control , press the i/p button located on the bottom right corner of the remote . The i/p button switches the tv display between interlace and progressive . If this doesnt bring back the picture , try pressing this button without playing a dvd . If you dont get video back , now you can run the player over with your car ! Picture scrolling in b/w : You need the remote control for this so you better get it from your dog before he burries it in the backyard . Press the p/n button located on the bottom right corner of the remote . The p/n button switches your dvd players video output signal between pal and ntsc . By pressing p/n , you should be able to get a good picture on the screen . For other problems go to I hope i have helped you continue to enjoy the apex dvd player with these troubleshooting tips . I have done some research and experimenting with the remote when my apex ad-2500 seemed to have lost its video signal . Im a more happier person after discovering the i/p button ! The button was probably accidentally pushed to cause the black screen in the first place . But , if you 're looking for my opinion of the apex dvd player , i love it ! It practically plays almost everything you give it . I 've had the player for about 2 years now and it still performs nicely with the exception of an occasional wwhhhrrr sound from the motor . For the price it is a well spent investment ! I would recommend buying one .