Philippe Beaudoin
Software Engineer, Google

I just joined Google and will be working from their Montreal office on exciting projects. Prior to that, I was a teaching post-doc fellow in UBC's Imager Lab with professor Michiel van de Panne. I completed my Ph.D. in February 2008 at Ligum, the Graphics Lab of Université de Montréal, under the supervision of professor Pierre Poulin. My research interests covered a wide spectrum, from fire synthesis to character animation, mocap compression, motion graph synthesis, and motion motif extraction. My most recent publications proposed new control mechanisms for physics-based characters.

When I have a few hours of spare time, I contribute to various open source projects including Jukito and the very popular GWT-Platform which I initiated. Then, when my eyes bleed from too much exposure to computer screens, I jam on the piano or design a good old-fashioned boardgame.

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Updated: April 28 2011.