Department of Computer Science
CPSC 303 : Numerical Approximation and Discretization

Fall 2013

Instructor: Uri Ascher

Contact: ascher at cs at, 604-822-4907

Office: CS/CICSR 223

TAs: Michael Wathen, Julie Nutini

Contact: mwathen at cs dot or jnutini at cs dot

TA office hour: T 10:-11:00, DLC. There will be an office hour Dec. 10.

Lectures time and place: MWF 11:00-11:50, DMP 301

First lecture: Wednesday, September 4

What is it about?

Implicit in many computer solutions of scientific problems are discrete approximations of continuous mathematical models. This course covers aspects of the construction and analysis of such approximations that are at the core of scientific computing. Topics studied include aspects of floating point computation, polynomial and spline interpolation, best approximations, Fourier transform, numerical differentiation and integration, and numerical initial value problems for ordinary differential equations.

General course description
Tentative course outline
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Uri Ascher and Chen Greif, A First Course in Numerical Methods , SIAM, 2011.
This is an introductory textbook on numerical methods.
There is a copy of this book in the reading room, on the reserved course material shelf. Check also
supplementary material including matlab programs

Lecture ``slides''


Assignments are due in class on the day specified on the assignment.
If submitted in the following class then 20% will be shaved off the mark.
No assignments will be accepted later than that.

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