Asher Lipson, MSc Student -- Department of Computer Science





  • Wits Around the World In 2002 at Wits I was lucky enough to be part of an incredible year of students both in Computer Science and other degrees, of which a number have bitten the bullet and decided to study further. This list should serve as an indication of where they are in the world, what degree they're doing and hopefully have a link to their homepages. I've tried to include most of the people who were at Wits with me in 2001 or the early part of 2002.

    University of British Columbia (Canada)

  • Asher Lipson (me) MSc (Computer Science)
  • Greg Kempe MSc (Computer Science)

    University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

  • George Christelis MSc (Computer Science, completed 2003)
  • George Konidaris MSc (Computer Science, completed 2003. Currently a research associate)

    University of Houston (America)

  • Robin Phillips (Law)

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (America)

  • Pierre Salverda PhD (Computer Science)

    University of Michigan (America)

  • Greg Lewis PhD (Economics)

    Rutgers University (America)

  • Ruven Essig PhD (Physics)

    University of Pretoria (South Africa)

  • Dylan Scott-Dawkins MSc (Computer Science)

    University of Southern California (America)

  • Dylan Shell PhD (Computer Science)

    University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)

  • Leonard Hagger MSc (Computer Science)
  • Pravesh Ranchod MSc (Computer Science)
  • Searle Silverman MSc (Maths of Finance)

  • Last Update: July 2004