Asher Lipson, MSc Student -- Department of Computer Science





My current research interests are very broad. In South Africa I did my Honours (4th year) Thesis in Bioinformatics and Reconfigurable Computing, in particular the use of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to do hardware-based DNA Pattern Matching. My thesis is available for download from the Publications page.

At the moment, I'm doing research in game agents using a variety of techniques to obtain anything from human-like behaviour to competitiveness against humans to the ability to handle unseen complexity in games. Some of the techniques include neural networks, clustering and regression. My thesis will most likely be some combination of this work in a domain such as soccer.

I also have a number of ideas that I want to spend some time on in the area of audio visualisation, or more accurately in the area of "seeing music". The key idea here is being able to see music in a non-technical format (unlike sheet music) and for a person to be able to visually see the difference between two music pieces, as opposed to hearing the difference. If one could translate audio music into a simple visual representation, then a number of links to other research (image processing, vision) become available to be used with audio.

I am also interested in multiagents research, specifically in the area of combining learning with game theory. There's a vast amount of potential research to be in this area. To this end, I'm currently taking a Multiagents course in which I'm investigating some of the different learning algorithms and techniques that exist.

Last Update: March 2004