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2003 January - April

CPSC533B: Algorithmic Animation Michiel van de Panne

Titled `Teaching Agents to Drive'
The project webpage can be found here. The project proposal, final report and movies are available for download off the page.

CPSC522: Artificial Intelligence David Poole

Titled `Creating a software Michael Schumacher'.
The project proposal can be downloaded in postscript.
The final version of the submitted paper can be downloaded in postscript.

CPSC538D: Asynchronous Design Mark Greenstreet

Titled `Blind Source Seperation and Hearing Aids'.
The project report can be downloaded in postscript.

2002 August - December

CPSC414: Computer Graphics Michiel van de Panne

A fourth year undergraduate course I took to gain some OpenGL and graphics knowledge. The final course assignment which I undertook with Claus Beringer was to simulate a tornado using a particle system.

Tornado Videos: Video 1 Video 2.

CPSC530A: Probabilistic Machine Learning Nando de Freitas

Titled `Creating humanlike gameplay in computer games'.

Lab Talks

Class Presentations

  • 7 March 2003: CPSC533B: Algorithmic Animation - "Leashing the AlphaWolves: mixing user direction with autonomous emotion in a pack of semi-autonomous virtual characters". Slides currently not available.
  • 20 March 2003: CPSC538D: Asynchronous Design presentation - "High-Throughput Asynchronous Pipelines for Fine-Grain Dynamic Datapaths, M. Singh and S.M. Nowick". Paper is available in Adobe Acrobat.

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